How to Root the Samsung Galaxy xCover GT-S5690

A quick quide on how to root your xCover Android (os ver. 2.3.6)
Last edited: 2012-09-26

[Note. If you root, you do it on your own risk. I'm not responsible if you brick your phone]

That said, let's go!

Next? About 'Root App Delete' What I removed (and survived) ..Oh, I almost forgot, the question: Why? Note that rooting is not the cure, but at least it provides a bit more breathing space.

Well, that's all folks. Hope that this quide helps someone.


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[Update 2013] I installed 2.3.6 "LL1" firmware update with Kies and it went fine. I had to re-root my device though, but that went fine as well.
(I think I had LC1 version previously).

(* - In case you can't find the zip from the net, here is a local copy

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