java utilities

Note. Theese are handy small programs that run on your PC (on J2SE), not on your mobile phone. You may need to install java runtime (or even cooler the sdk)  if you don't have it already. I have been using 1.4.2 so far, but I guess a 1.5.x would do also.

Wipe is a safe-delete utility. It scrambles the content of a file to something random. Use this a few times before actually deleting the file to be sure it is not recoverable from the hard disk later on. (Or create a batch file that does the trick for you.). Usage: java Wipe file.

FillDisk is a utility to create a lot of large dummy files to fill your entire hard drive. Handy when you want to wipe traces of old and deleted (or even formatted) data. Usage: java FillDisk.

Puppu is a nonsense-generator (Puppu-generaattori). Usage: java Puppu.

Pack 'zips' a file. Usage: java Pack file.
Unpack 'unzips' a file. Usage: java Unpack file.

CreateFile makes a dummy file of specified size. Usage: java CreateFile size.

Grep is a grepper for a single file only. Still handy. Usage: java Grep file str1 str2 str3...

MakeIndex makes a html page of your image thumbnails. Usefull when posting digi camera pictures to your web page. Usage: java MakeIndex folder

Password Generator. Well, generates passwords. Usage: java PasswordGenerator

Rename To Current Date renames a file or folder to current date. Usage: java RenameToCurrentDate File/Folder

File renamer renames files in a folder to something else, something random. Usage: java Renamer folder

Tabell is just a multiplication table, a bunch of products of 1 x 1 -> 10 x 10. Usage: java Tabell

Matta is a math training program. It will ask you what x times y is, and you can try to answer correclty. Usage: java Matta
Note1. From the programmers perspective, this program demonstrates how to read stuff from the keyboard.

CRC counts a check-sum value for a file. Usage: java CRC filename.

Timer counts time how long a command prompt command takes to complete. Usage: Timer /start, and then Timer /end.
Note. You should use a batch file (.bat) in order easy thing up a bit. Typing only timer.bat mytask.exe is a bit more convenient don't you think?

Touch only reads a file, and thus, makes the system cache it! This could quicken startup times of heavier programs etc. Usage:  java Touch filename

Send and Receive V 1.0. Use theese two utilities to send and receive a file between two computers without the hassle of setting up a ftp-server.  Usage: java Receive on the receiver end, and java Send file address on the sender side.
Yes, it is really that simple.
You don't believe me?
Try it! 

Send and Receive V 2.0, has resume feature and some other improvements.
Usage: same as V 1.0.

Note 0. Uses TCP, which means no bits are lost in transfer, your files will arrive intact.
Note 1. Your file will go through the net as-is, so please encrypt your sensitive files. Winzip password encryption would do for most of us (send the passphrase via some other channel than the one used for data transfer, eg. SMS).
Note 2. Currently the port is 2401, so open this in your firewall if you want to receive files from outside. And! if you think 2401 is no good,  please change it.
Note 3. The receiver needs to be reachable in order to receive files from outside the local network! This means, that the receiver must have a public ip-address (not with-in any of the Special Ranges), or, the firewall needs to be configered properly (nat port-forwarding or similar).

Factorize is a program that factorizes a value into its factors, eg. 432 would result as 2*2*2*2*3*9. What makes this special, is that it does not contain a prime value calculation method at all. It bothered me that most of all the  factorization excercises out there are all based on a prime value calculation function, but it is really not necessary. My quesss is, that my algorithm is a bit quicker too?
Usage: java Factorize number

FileSplitter, Splits a big file to smaller pieces (defaults to a size of a floppy disk, change this if you feel like it). Usage: java Splitter filename, and java Concatenate filename (with no extension).  BETA.

        - "I Rather Be Coding..."   -- Me, 2005

Note. All programs on this page are free. You may download them, use them and modify them as you wish as long as you don't hold me responsible for anything.